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Snow White (Shoomlah)

It's been a while since I made a costume for myself, almost a year actually! When it came time to make something for Halloween I wanted something recognizable to wear at my job at a Halloween store. I fell in love with the historical Disney princess art drawn by Shoomlah and it all went from there! You can see her artwork on her DeviantArt.

Snood: The snood was one of the most annoying parts of this costume. It's made of a bunch of trim with hand sewn pearls between the diamonds and sewn down to bias tape with elastic in it.
Bodice: The main part of the bodice is suede and has center panel embroidery that I did free motion on my machine. The gold on the sleeves was also embroidered with zig zag stitching to mimic the artwork. The rest of the fabrics are a loose weave boucle and a cotton eyelet. The back laces up with gold laces.
Skirt: the skirt is casa collection satin with the jacquard band and bias tape. The skirt had to have shoulder straps to keep it sitting high enough on my waist.



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