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Beauxbaton Student from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I fell in love with the idea of wearing a costume to the movie premiere of Goblet of Fire, and when I saw the costumes for the Beauxbaton students I was obsessed. There weren’t a lot of images out before the movie, so I had a couple of hi-res pictures of their entrance to base my costume off of.  

Construction: The hardest part of the costume was the hat. I had to create a hat form to hand stretch wool felt over. Of course they made a hat form a couple of months after I made mine! Ha-ha, how unlucky am I? Anyway, I made my hat form by cutting a Styrofoam ball in half and creating the tip of the hat out of paper clay. Then I covered the whole thing in plastic wrap. I then used wet wool felt and stretch it over the hat form. I did two layers of felt with layers of Elmer’s glue in between to keep it stiff as a board. After the top was done I made a brim out of the same fabric. The dress was made out of bridal satin and has a pointed collar and snaps under buttons on the front. The dress has princess seams and long sleeves with cuffs. The cape was made out of the same satin with a boucle collar and a darker blue long collar. Unfortunately I wasn’t so good with collars so they are a little dodgy! The collar fastens with a large snap. Finally, the shoes were bought online, painted, and I made a fringe insert out of black leather to lace them through.



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